Forget Me Not (Mepa Wo Kyew)

Asantewaa, Me, the stool mother
Pride of Ejisu, oh! such an honour!
Warrior Queen of the motherland,
Yet experience I lack, firsthand.

Asantewaa; again?
Figure of majestic grace,
A gun in hand, the other; a mace,
For the king,
A token somewhat fulfilling.

Asantewaa; listen,
Cowardice, crest of the so-called chiefs,
I scream in utter disbelief!
Osei Tutu would dissent,
Anokye, a look of discontent.

Silence! While I speak
I need not hear a squeak!
I shall call on my fellow women,
And we shall fight the white men

Till the last of us,
Falls with a sword in heart,
Then Ashanti will be no more,
A forgotten kingdom of old yore.

Asantewaa; Attack!
I lead them to their graves
Youthful warriors, soon to be enslaved,
Death arrives on swift shoulders,
My conscience guiltily smoulders.

Asantewaa; we lost,
A battle, wholeheartedly fought,
Mercilessly whipped, blasted cat-o-nine tails,
In a land known as Sechyelles
A cell, my new kingdom

Nana Prempeh, meda woase,
At home, my bones lay
Such history never fades away,
Stories continuously read,
Yet tears everlastingly wept

Asantewaa: the warrior queen
My ending, your beginning
Now and forever more
Please, forget me not

Please, forget me not

Juanita Tsikata