The Loudest Noise

You do not speak,

Never an echo,

You dance on the floor boards,

Yet your feet make no sound,

Your steps, far from heavy,

You tread gently

Ever so lightly

You make footsteps of a feather seem much heavier.

Even in the midst of noise,

You are there,

Just a little farther out

Where no one cares,

Yet when I listen intently,

I feel you there,

Waiting patiently on the calm,

Then you float gently over us all

Bidding us pause for a moment or two.

You bring a hush,

A world of quiet,

Sometimes deafening,

You are absolute,

You pick your moments,

You do pick ‘em well,

Never calling attention

Yet you do command it.

We cannot help but notice

When you walk in,

Because sometimes silence is the loudest noise.

Philip Ofori-Anom