The Burdened Beast

By William Saint George

It was a perfect morning
until breakfast on
the precipice of hope,
I danced for a little while
with thoughts
that dipped and soared
like a flock of happiness;
black as beetles and stark
against the melancholic grey
of a late August morning.

The air wrapped its fingers
round me like fabric,
cold and icy that long iron
fingers touched my soul
and made me shudder,
words and laughter
whipped up like some mad
malevolent storm,
and in the clouds towered
silence pregnant with despair, about to break
and fall as rain,
a behemoth shrouded
in his despicable glory
dragged himself
towards the cliff’s razor edge
on which I stood, and
did not know
which way I was to fly:
not today, I told the voice
that rippled through frigid air,
not today,
and watched him slouch
and never move a limb.

Jesse Johnson writes poetry and fiction under the pen name¬†William Saint George. He loves to read poetry from various schools and pursues several interests ranging from world history to fine art, photography and amateur music composition. Jesse’s poetry is characterized by a more than casual adherence to traditional Western form and the lyrical treatment of raw, intimate subjects. He works as a software developer and product designer in East Legon, Accra Ghana. Find him online at his website, on Medium and SoundCloud