Harmattan Poetry Bonus: Aisha Nelson

Akwantuo features a poem from the Harmattan Poetry Contest submission package by winner Aisha Nelson. Enjoy!

The Fisherman’s Daughter
By Aisha Nelson

last night
in the rain
I bought fish

last night
while it rained
Love wormed its way
into my rock-cold heart
into my mud-caked mind

while it rained
last night
Life – its cares –
nudged my fainting soul
nagged my flailing be-ing

on my way from work,
last night
I wished I was all-ready
home, so I could dance
in the rain,
while pretending to shower
while pretending to harvest

while walking
in the rain
last night
I counted my blessings and
I found (too late, and pain-full-y
so, too) that my losses tug along,
waiting, insisting,
to be counted too

last night
in the rain
while I walked my self
home, I let my self
shiver and still afford
to smile, to laugh –
lightly, actually; Only
to find a tear or two fill
UP my eyes, flow
DOWN my shirt and dissolve
into mangled mirth
into pregnant pain
and resounding rain…

last night
in the rain
I remembered
Father, again

last night
in the rain
I bought myself fingerlings
from one who looks like him
or one like him
just like him
or him

last night
in the rain
I got some fingerlings
for five Cedis
for my self
from Father himself…

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