Why write non-fiction?

I write for the pulse that flows through my fingers when the words are coming, for the zest of coherent thoughts, for the anxiety that comes with the energy of a story. It’s so bright that I want to run from it. Sometimes I do, I admit it. But when I don’t, it’s everything.

I don’t write to publish, I write to tell a story. I write to get it out of my soul and on to the page.

Sometimes just putting the words down is enough. Chop time

If there is resistance, if there is something saying don’t, sit with the resistance. Listen to it. It’s energy. For now, listening may be enough. The story may not be cooked. But soon it will be and writing through the energy – with pen and ink if the resistance won’t allow committing to an electronic footprint – may be enough. Expose the words to the air and that may be all you and the story need, if the consequences feel bigger than the value of letting anyone else read it.

If you’re ready, if your story is cooked, email your non-fiction submission of maximum 1,500 words to akwantuo at gmail dot com for publication consideration.
And Akwantuo always accepts poetry and short fiction from writers in Africa or of Africa.
* Please allow some time for a reply to your submissions. Everything will be read, though responses may take a few days/weeks 

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