5 Ways to Boost Your Writing – Other Than Writing!

I’m in the midst of the most extensive writing project I’ve ever tackled, and keeping inspired during the long, necessary hours in front of my keyboard can be a struggle. Here are five things I do when I need a break from my writing, but want to keep my creative mind activated.

1) Talk to my writing buddy.
Finding and cultivating a writing friendship has become vital in keeping motivated and engaged. Writing can be a lonely pursuit, and having someone to share the joys and pains with is rewarding.

2) Read great writing within the genre I’m currently working.
I nearly always come away from the experience of reading great writing with an idea for my own manuscript. Little else has been more instructive than reading and discussing the reading – usually with my writing buddy.

3) Listen to writing podcasts.
They help take the sting out of household chores or daily commutes, which can feel like time robbed from your creative self.

4) Watch quality films and television.
Entertainment isn’t just escapism, pay attention to the craft that came into the product on screen. Dialogue, scene setting, building tension and suspense: a well-made movie or television show can be as instructive as any book.

5) Physical activity.
Stamina is needed to last through a lengthy creative project, so I learn endurance through physical movement like running, swimming and lifting weights. Activity leads to a sharper mind, which translates into productivity on the page.

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