The Passerby

By Sarpong Kumankoma
Published in collaboration with Okumankoma Poetry

We built him a home
We are a hospitable nation–
The passerby deserves
A comfortable rest

He comes and goes
With our belongings–
Pulls down our walls and place
Our mats on streets

He  clothes us
In black and red garments
Joyfully he flaunts
His blood stained teeth

Promises sail on
Our tears to chase his steps—-
He’s incarcerated for life
Behind political tongues

Then the sun comes
To dry our tears–
Whitening our mourning
Erasing painful memories

Promises sink into dry land
Wounded hearts heal

We are a peace-loving nation
Yes we write again to June-July
To bring our guest
For we enjoyed his stay with us!

The Passerby was originally published on Kumankoma’s website. If you have a personal poetry blog or website and would like to see your works published on Akwantuo, please contact us.