Poetry: Gye NYAME

wpid-wp-1450400676692.jpegBy: Nana Arhin Tsiwah

When at last
We have reached
The eyes of the
Great Ta’kora,



Then shall our feet
Be washed before
The readings of Bones
And the vowels on Nserba,
Shall be made known unto us…

Under the old-beard
Of the Mighty Nana Nyame,
Shall we pour our hearts
And souls impregnable thoughts
Like the heralds of the dawn cock
Into beautiful woven tales of Awensem…

Except that we do not
Have grey eyelids of Mpayimfo
And of the heart of Kweku Ananse
That we shall dry our tongues,
Wipe the wits of our oiled lips
As if we can travel this ugly path
Without Nana Nyame…

Nana Arhin Tsiwah, a linguist-performist; is a disciple of
Africanism-Consciousness, a Folklorist, an Awensemist and student of
Akanism writes from Cape Coast, Ghana. He is a Chief-Linguist in the
Africanism Poetry Movement “The Village Thinkers”. Tsiwah dwells his
writings on Mfantse-Akan Oratory, Traditionalism and Mysticism.